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Threshold of Passion

Threshold of Passion
Vivi Anna

Threshold of Passion
June 1, 2014

It’s a battle between good and evil, and she’s the prize…

Sara Vandemeer left home after her parents were brutally murdered. But now something—and someone—is calling her back to the windswept coast off Vancouver. The man of her dreams is urging her to return. With his promise that he’ll protect her, Sara decides to confront her past.

But Sara has barely settled in to the home where she grew up when she senses a dark presence haunting the estate. It’s a darkness she recognizes. It’s as familiar to her as the man who called her back home. She felt it for the first time on the day her parents died, and she knows that it has returned for her. Will she be able to resist its sinister seduction?

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Chapter One

Threshold of Passion

The long filmy red curtains billowed out from the open windows, fluttering around Sara’s naked form like silken wings. Stepping through them, she approached the four-poster bed, draped in white satin sheets, in the center of the large empty room. Her dream room, in her dream world.

With each step, her heart hammered in her chest. Sweat trickled down her back, and soft flutters of desire built between her legs.

The dream was the same every time.

And he would be here. Naked on the bed, waiting for her. Just thinking of him made her wet and breathless.
As she neared the bed, she could see the outline of him lying on the satin covers through the translucent white curtains hanging down from the canopy. She lifted the drape from the bed with a trembling hand and knelt on the mattress.

He was waiting for her, like he did every night. Stretched out across the bed, his head supported by his hand, he looked like a golden angel. His long blond hair was fanned out around him like spun gold. He had flawless skin the color of alabaster, and it only accentuated the ripples of muscle in his arms, chest, stomach and legs. Everything about him screamed perfection.

But it was his eyes that had always drawn her. Pale as moonlight and just as mysterious, they tugged at her. When he looked at her, she melted. He could do whatever he wanted to her.

“I have been waiting for you, Sara.”

His crisp, lilting voice sang in her head, reminding her of a bubbling brook, much like the one in the garden of her childhood home. Smiling, she slid onto the bed, nestled her body next to his. His heat penetrated her skin and warmed her blood. When he touched her, she knew nothing but his flavor, his intensity. Here, in his arms, passion was the only thing that existed. It was the only thing that mattered. Everything else fell away.

“I’m here.” Lifting her head, she pressed her lips to his.

Raising his hand, he buried it in the tangle of her long auburn hair and pulled her closer, deepening the kiss. She sighed as his tongue touched hers in a timeless, liquid dance. Ripples of pleasure coursed through her, gathering into a tight, sizzling ball right at her core. Thinking no longer seemed possible as pulse after throbbing pulse surged up from between her quivering thighs.

His palm cupped her cheek. With one last press of his lips, he pulled back and gazed into her eyes. “It’s time, Sara.”

“Hmm?” she sighed, cuddling into his warmth.

“You’ve run for long enough.”

Closing her eyes against the memories of another time, she shook her head. “It’s never long enough.”

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. “I know it’s painful, but you must return.”

“I can’t.”

“You can, and you must. The veil between our worlds is growing thin. Soon he’ll be able to cross.” He snuggled into her neck and kissed her gently. “It’s time you went home.”

Sara’s eyes welled with tears. She knew this moment would come. The first night he visited her in her dreams, he said that the day would come when he would ask her for something. If she’d known he’d ask this, she might’ve pushed him out of her mind the first time he materialized.

“Will you be there?” she asked, her voice wavering. She didn’t think she could face her past without him.

“Of course, my love. I’ve never left.”

Threshold of Passion