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The Werewolf Liaison: Part Two

The Werewolf Liaison: Part Two
Vivi Anna

The Werewolf Liaison: Part Two
Vivi Anna
July 29, 2013

Olivia Jordan is back in town with only one purpose. To make Garrick Blackthorn pay for ruining her life. Not only did he break her heart, but he turned her into a werewolf. After nineteen months of dealing with the change and time to plan, she’s ready for some payback. But when she comes face to face with him, old feelings resurface, and desire once again ignites.

Running a pack is more work than Garrick Blackthorn ever wanted. And now the rival pack alpha, Fisher, is making noise about merging the packs with him at the helm. Garrick will never let that happen but it seems that Fisher has discovered his only weakness … Olivia Jordan.

His heart still aches for what he had to do to her years ago to keep her safe. But now she’s back and right smack in the middle of danger again.

Despite her claims, Garrick can feel the passion between them. It is hot and out of control. This time he won’t let her go. He’ll do whatever he can to keep her … even if it means war.

**previously titled “Hungry Like the Wolf”**

**Sequel to “Bad to the Bone”**

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Read an Excerpt from The Werewolf Liaison: Part Two:


The Werewolf Liaison: Part Two

Garrick watched his truck speed out of his driveway and down the graveled lane and wondered if he had done the right thing. In the morning, Olivia would be upset and angry, wondering what she ever saw in him. During the next full moon when her first change came upon her, she would hate him. But it had to be done.

Garrick looked down at Corin’s bloody dead body and knew he’d made the right decision. It was his heart that disagreed.

Now that Corin was dead, Garrick would become the next alpha pack leader. That was how it worked in this world. Garrick fought for a long time not to have this happen. He had been happy with the way things were. When pack members disobeyed certain laws, it had been Garrick’s job as Keeper of Secrets to reprimand them, usually with brute force. He never wanted to lead a pack. No matter how often Corin pushed him, Garrick refused to rise to the challenge.

Tonight, however had been different. Corin made a lethal mistake. He hadn’t realized how much Olivia mattered to Garrick.

When Garrick saw Corin stalking her outside his house, Garrick snapped. There were no more excuses to back off from Corin’s challenge. He did rise to it…and won.

But it had cost him dearly.

As long as he was alpha pack leader, Olivia would be in danger. Others would come to seek the claim and if she remained at his side as his mate, she would be his weakness. The one vulnerable thing about him. She would become a target. He couldn’t let that happen, so he pushed her away. However, agonizing for them both, she would be safer on her own, away from him.

In time, she would come to hate him. He could live with that as long as she was safe.

Lifting his head, Garrick glanced at Corin’s two generals, Tommy and Smith, who had accompanied him. “Either of you going to give me any trouble?”

Tommy shook his head of wild red hair. “Nah, mate. I never did like that bastard.”

“Me either,” Smith agreed.

“Then help me with his body. He’s bleeding all over my yard.”

“No problem, Boss.” Tommy reached down and grabbed Corin’s arms.

Boss. That was now his name. And he would have to live with the consequences of his actions. However painful they turned out to be.

Chapter One

The dark woods were deathly quiet as the predator stalked in search of its quarry. Birds quieted high in the treetops and rodents scampered through the low bush seeking refuge in hollowed logs or underground dens. The wolf bounded swiftly through the trees. The small creatures of the forest needn’t worry about their safety, as the wolf hunted bigger prey.

A doe nibbled on the fresh summer grass in the nearby meadow. Her ears perked up as branches snapped in the surrounding trees. She froze and listened for more sounds of the hunter’s location.

The wolf stealthily crept through the underbrush, his belly low to the ground as he neared the quiet meadow. His prey was just past the last remaining trees. If he could advance quickly and quietly without pause, the doe would have no chance to escape.

Lifting her head and twitching her nose upwind, the young doe scented her enemy. Her little white tail went up like a warning flag and she turned too bound back into the trees.

A young woman stepped out from the wooded area and into the meadow. A young man followed her close behind, his hand wrapped possessively around her arm.

The Werewolf Liaison: Part Two

“Look Stan, a deer.” She pointed just as the doe jumped into the surrounding trees.

“We should go back, Tammie. I don’t like being out here in the dark.”

She turned and hugged him, pressing her breasts intimately against his chest. “Don’t be silly. What could possibly harm us out here?”

A low growl drew their attention to the tall grass across the meadow.

“What was that?” Stan stuttered.

She glanced over her shoulder, eyes wide. “I d-d-don’t know. We should go back.”

The wolf could smell their fear. They were ripe with the sickly sweet odor of cold sweat and adrenaline. He stepped quietly into the meadow his belly scraping the high grass and decided on new prey.

Stan’s eyes widened and he started to shake, his hand digging into Tammie’s arm. “Wolf! Run!”

Turning, almost running into each other, Stan and Tammie ran back into the trees the same way they had come out.

The wolf crouched down into the grass as if at rest and allowed them to run ahead. He could find them however far they traveled. The sounds of their labored breath and grunts of fear as they stumbled blindly through the trees sent shivers up and down his powerful form. The fur on his neck and back stood up as the need to hunt erupted in him. He growled low in his throat and he bounded into the forest to chase his quarry.

He could hear them crashing through the woods, branches snapping with each step. It was not long before he was hot on their trail. He could see the heat wavering off her bodies with a warm crimson glow and smell the pungent but savory odor of their terror.

“Oh my God, Stan! He’s right behind me!”

He could hear the sheer horror in the woman’s voice as she screamed and could smell her every scent as he ran close behind. Her sweat, her light flowery perfume, the fresh fragrance of her skin, and the cloying odor of her sex, wafted to his nose. His eyes rolled back in his head at the sheer ecstasy of the feminine bouquet.

The young woman tripped over a rotted log and fell to the forest floor. “Help me, Stan! Oh God, help me!”

The young man glanced behind him to see his fallen girlfriend, and then glanced up noticing the large black wolf right at her feet. Turning, he shook his head and continued to run without another look at her.

“Stan!” She screeched trying to scramble to her feet.

The wolf paused as he neared the girl; sniffed vigorously and growled low in his throat. She was down and hurt. He could smell the blood that beaded the torn flesh on her legs. The tangy odor swirled around him like ambrosia. But she was not his prey, this time.

He sprinted past her and bounded down the trail toward the man.

Stan glanced over his shoulder and, with pure terror realized that the large wolf was ignoring Tammie and coming after him. He cried out trying to force his legs to go faster. He was tired and his limbs throbbed painfully from the exertion. He didn’t know how much longer he could go on. The wolf would be on him in moments.

The wolf was right at his heels. Stan could feel its hot breath on his back. He didn’t dare glance behind him. He didn’t want to stare into the disturbing eyes of his attacker. He knew the end was coming even before it happened. When he felt the first large paw of the wolf on his back he was not surprised.

The Werewolf Liaison: Part Two

The wolf pushed Stan to the ground, careful not to slash open his back. He wanted some fun. Playtime was his favorite time.

Crouching down on his haunches away from his prey, the wolf watched as his quarry scrambled to his feet and ran again. With a gruff snuffle, that sounded suspiciously like a snort of laughter, the wolf followed in pursuit. He jumped and pushed the man to the ground again. This time, he stood over him, straddling his back, breathing heavily onto the man’s exposed neck.

The acrid smell of ammonia tickled his nose. He knew the man had pissed his pants as fear wrapped itself tightly around his vibrating form. The wolf slowly bared his long white fangs. Saliva dribbled from his open mouth and onto the man’s turned cheek.

Stan muttered a vehement prayer under his breath, squeezing his eyes tightly shut.


The wolf raised his head, his ears twitched toward the voice.

“Garrick! Where the fuck are you, mate?”

The wolf snuffled and shook his head. He lowered his muzzle to his plaything’s face again. “Stay out of my woods,” he growled, then stepped off the young man.

Stan lay immobile on the ground still frozen in fear. Soon, his eyes opened and he stared at the wolf that sat on his haunches near him, watching.

“Run,” the wolf growled.

Wide-eyed and sweating, Stan scrambled to his feet and ran down the trail without another glance toward the strange black animal.

A tall redheaded man stepped out of the shadows of the trees. He smiled.

“There you are.”

The wolf snorted his response.

“I brought you a change of clothes.” He raised the pile of clothes he carried. “Something’s come up.”

The wolf crouched down on his belly and closed his eyes.

The pain was immense as tissue, muscles, and bones twisted and turned, rearranging themselves back into human order. Garrick nearly passed out from the pain that ripped through his form. No other pain could ever compare to the transformation. It was excruciating and tiring. It hurt every time he changed, but to ignore the change was worse.

Soon, he was fully formed. His limbs had been straightened, his spine cracked and aligned, and the fur sucked back into this skin through his pores. He lay on his side, cold sweat slicking his skin. Shivers erupted over him causing his teeth to chatter violently.

Tommy tossed him his clothes. “Get dressed, you’ll get warm.”

Quickly, Garrick stood and dressed in t-shirt and jeans.

The Werewolf Liaison: Part Two

“You weren’t really going to eat that boy, were you?”

Garrick smirked as he ran a hand through thick, sweat-soaked black hair. “I was just playing.”

“You don’t really play fair, do you?”

“Nope.” He slipped on his sandals. “So Tommy, what’s so important that you’d interrupt my fun?”

“Fisher’s asked for a meeting.”


Tommy shook his head. “Don’t know. Says he wants to talk.”

“What could we possibly have to talk about? There hasn’t been an incident between our packs in months.”

Ten months to be exact, Garrick thought. Not since he had killed Corin and taken over as alpha of the Blue Bay werewolf pack. Things had been a lot different then. He had been a different man then; Olivia had still been…

“Are you coming, then?”

Garrick looked over at Tommy. He was smiling and pointing in the direction, he’d parked the car.

“Where’s the meeting?”

“At the Lunar Eclipse.”

Garrick sighed. He hated loud rave nightclubs, especially ones where the clientele was made up of werewolves, wannabe werewolves, and wannabe vampires. He hated the latter the most. They were obnoxious, pretentious, and stupid. Everyone knew vampires didn’t exist.

“Do I have time to shower and change?”

Tommy grinned. “Of course. Wouldn’t want to go in there, smelling like…like an animal, now would you?” He laughed.