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The Vampire Affair: Part Two

The Vampire Affair: Part Two
Vivi Anna

The Vampire Affair: Part Two
Vivi Anna
April 22, 2013

The continuing passionate tale of Makayla and Jonathan…

Vampire Affair is a fresh, delicious and addictive take on the (new adult) genre. Packed with emotional and erotic intensity, it’s a story that will leave you wanting more.” —Lauren Jameson, author of Surrender to Temptation and Blush

Makayla is dangerously close to falling under Jonathan Devane’s spell. She has to find the story her editor is pressuring her for and get out of town before Jonathan can completely consume her. But her body and her heart tell her, it may already be too late for that…

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Read an Excerpt from The Vampire Affair: Part Two:

Chapter One

The Vampire Affair: Part Two

It was ten in the morning and I was ducked down again behind the azalea bush spying on David. What I was really doing was waiting for Jonathan to come down. But once more his assistant was out and about and he was nowhere to be found. It was curious.

“Yvette? Honey, what are doing hiding down there?”

I sighed and turned around as Lady Gwen, dressed remarkably in red sequins and pink satin, came strutting toward me from across the lobby. I brushed at my little skirt and pretended that I wasn’t hiding behind a bush spying on people.

“I wasn’t hiding. I was merely checking on the poor plant I practically destroyed yesterday.”

Gwen glanced at it, his dark penciled brow arched in question. “Looks fine to me, sugar.”

“Well, it is now.” I patted it like a newborn’s bottom.

“The bus is here. Let’s go.”

I frowned. “I’m going to skip the morning, I think.”

That penciled eyebrow lifted again. “Why?”

“Oh I have some errands I have to do.”

“Uhuh. Okay, sugar. I’ll see you later.”

Gwen sashayed across the lobby to the waiting bus. I watched as David watched him. He stared an awfully long time at Gwen’s ass, which I found both amusing and interesting. Then his gaze turned and settled on me. The aversion to me was evident in the way he sneered and scrunched up his little pug nose.

Putting a smile on my face, I walked toward him. “Morning.”

“If you’re waiting for Jonathan you might as well give it up.”

“Oh I don’t know, I have a ton of patience…for some people.”

He narrowed his eyes. “Stay away from him. You’re not his type.”

“And what type would that be?”

“Classy, cultured, elegant, refined, tasteful. Things you are not.”

I put my hand to my chest, and gasped, when really I wanted to punch the little weasel in his nose. “I’m shocked, David. You really don’t like me, do you?”

“No, I really don’t.”

The Vampire Affair: Part Two

“Is it because I think you’re a condescending little prick in need of a smackdown?” and with that I walked away. I heard a couple of titters from some of the hotel staff as I moved on by. It gave me a little bit of smug satisfaction to hear them. It didn’t completely mask the hurt of his condemnation but I was soothed enough to smile.

Since Jonathan was obviously not coming down, I was going to him. If I could find him, that was. I had no idea what room he was in. in one of the suites obviously. But which one? Maybe there was a bellhop or maid I could bribe for information.

About an hour later, I was standing in front of the door to one of three royal suites. I should’ve known Jonathan would’ve paid for a private room like this. He could’ve rented out the entire top floor if he’d chosen to.

I was surprised his usual security detail wasn’t stationed at the door. It was probably because one had to have special elevator access to get to this floor. Lucky for me, I was very persuasive and doling out a hundred bucks to an unhappy bellhop didn’t hurt either.

I decided to take the direct approach and knock. After a thorough pounding, no one answered the door. Obviously Jonathan wasn’t in. He’d escaped the hotel without me knowing it. I wondered if David’s appearance had been just a distraction. What was so secret that Jonathan needed to sneak about? I, naturally, had to find out. Which was why I paid an extra hundred dollars for a generic room key. The bellhop was really disgruntled.

After making sure no one was around, I slid the key into the lock. The little green light came on, and I turned the door handle and went in. Then I stood in the foyer of the suite and gawked like an idiot.

It was bigger than my apartment; actually it was bigger than the house I grew up in. I walked into the main parlor, which had a huge fireplace and all leather furniture in a rich burgundy color. Up three steps was what looked like a library, and then the dining room. To the side was a winding staircase that I imagined took a person up to the bedroom and bathroom.

I decided to check out that theory and took the stairs two at a time in a rush to get upstairs. The bedroom was huge, complete with a king-sized canopied bed. It was all so Victorian or something of the like. I sat on the bed and bounced a little. It was quite comfy. I imagined it would be a firm yet cozy tableau for sex.

I ran my hands over the soft blanket. Images of Jonathan’s fierce face sprang into my mind. His eyes beckoning me. Seducing me. Claiming me. I closed my eyes and opened them again. It was awfully warm in the room all of a sudden.
When I stood and looked around, a shiver rushed down my back. I could’ve sworn someone was looking at me, as if someone was in the room watching. I swung around again, peering into corners. But I was alone. There wasn’t some random person hiding in the shadows waiting to jump out at me. Although that was exactly how I felt.

Shaking off the unsettling sensation I searched the room for anything to indicate what Jonathan was up to and where he’d gone. I opened up the double doors on the closet in search of his luggage. Maybe he left his briefcase behind. I ran my fingers over the clothes hanging up. And yes, I did take hold of a sleeve of his shirt and press it to my nose. I fully admitted that the man made me weak in the knees.

After moving some of his clothes, I spied a long hard plastic container in the back of the closet. It looked like something someone would transport skis in or a surf board considering the width of it. This I found odd as it was not winter, nor was there an ocean around for many miles.

I pressed my hand against it, then snatched it back. It was really warm to the touch and not cold. Before I could contemplate that further, I heard the door open downstairs. God, I hoped it wasn’t Jonathan returning. I sprang into the closet and pulled the doors closed hoping for the best.

Holding my breath, I pressed as far back into the corner of the closet as I could go, right up next to the plastic case. Now that I was next to it, I realized it was at least six feet long. What the hell did Jonathan have inside it? Maybe it was like a portable safe. Maybe he kept all of his secrets inside it.

It wasn’t Jonathan or David who had entered. It was the cleaning crew. I could see flashes of white uniforms through the slats in the closet door. I let out the breath I was holding and sagged against the plastic case.
While I waited as the maids cleaned and tidied the already immaculate room, I ran my hand over the smooth case. I couldn’t help myself. It warmed even more under my stroking to the point that the air seemed to be heating up as well. Sweat rolled down my back. It was starting to get uncomfortable.

But despite that I couldn’t stop touching the case. I thought about Jonathan as I ran my hand up and down, up and down. His face, his eyes, his full set of luscious lips. I nearly gasped aloud when I thought of that mouth on me, doing delightful things to my lady parts.

More images flashed in my mind. Dirty, delicious images that made my insides throb. They kept coming. Faster and harder, every one more decadent and erotic than the last.

Jonathan on his knees in front of me, licking his way over my thighs to my sex which was already on high alert. Even now, an ache so demanding thumped between my legs. My panties were soaked right through.

I couldn’t believe I was shut in a closet fantasizing about Jonathan. If I wasn’t careful I would drop trou and diddle myself silly until I came like a wailing banshee. I bet the cleaning crew would love that, finding some odd woman masturbating in the closet. And I was pretty certain I would be kicked out of the hotel and if David found out, he’d probably press charges on me.

I needed to get the hell out of here before all of that happened.

Leaning into the door, I peered through the slats to see where the maids had gotten to. I didn’t see any streaks of white, so I was hoping they were finished in the master suite and had moved onto another room. I silently made a prayer then slowly pushed open one closet door. When it was partially open, I poked my head out and looked around. I was thankfully alone in the room.

The Vampire Affair: Part Two

I pushed the door the rest of the way open and came out of the closet. I had the distinct sense that someone was laughing at me. It was a strange feeling. I rubbed a hand over my chest and turned around to glance back into the closet. I glared at the case. This is all your fault.

Then I swore I heard a low masculine chuckle emanating from everywhere at once.

Without waiting to see if the coast was clear, I high-tailed it out of the room and back down the stairs. I passed a surprised maid in the library but didn’t stop to talk to her, although she called after me. I just kept on speed walking until I was out of the room and rushing down the hallway to the elevator. I didn’t take in a breath until the doors slid open and I was safely inside. I pressed the button for my floor and leaned back against the wall.

Once inside my room, I collapsed onto the bed and sighed. I couldn’t believe I nearly did what I was thinking of doing in some hotel closet. I giggled and rolled on my bed. I was a complete idiot. If I wasn’t careful I was going to lose my job.

I checked my phone and saw I had three missed calls from Carmen. She was anxious for my story. For any little juicy tidbit. I just didn’t have any tidbits. Not for her ears anyway. I still had a couple of hours to kill before I had to go to the conference and the reading. I still couldn’t believe I agreed to do it.

I rolled off the bed and went into the bathroom. My back was still sticky and sweaty as were other parts of my anatomy. I’d shower, change and head over to the center. But first I had just one little matter to take care of before I could concentrate of anything else.

I shed my clothes, turned on the shower and stepped inside. I set my foot up on the wall and decided to take care of business. Thinking of Jonathan I slid my hand down between my thighs and released all the pent up frustration I had about him. And about not having him.