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Ghost of a Girl

Tawny Stokes

Ghost of a Girl
March 7, 2017


“A beautiful love story woven with kept secrets, threaded by first love, the anguish of loss and ultimately the power of healing, told in heart-wrenching, vivid detail.” – L.D. Crichton author of The Enchantment of Emma Fletcher

Even love has its ghosts…

After the sudden tragic death of popular 17-year-old Haven Mayberry, everyone in Westside is in despair, but nobody feels more alone than outcast Daisy Wendell, who wears baggy frumpy clothes and sarcasm as an impenetrable shield. Unbeknownst to everyone in their religious town, especially Haven’s uptight mother, she and Haven were secretly best friends.

When their friendship is discovered, the students of Westside High suddenly take an interest in Daisy, particularly Haven’s close friends, Paige, Jenna and Ashley. It’s Paige who then leads the charge in trying to assimilate Daisy into the upper echelon of school society. Some think her motivations are driven by grief, but Daisy knows it’s driven by guilt. Guilt at having confronted Haven and Daisy, on the day Haven died, about the fact they weren’t just secret friends, they were secretly in love/secret lovers.

At first, Daisy resists the unwanted attention, but eventually, in her desperation to cling to Haven’s memory, she starts to communicate with her dead friend and asks for her advice. The result? She slowly loses her grip on her own identity, and becomes more popular than Haven was. Indeed, Daisy now feels as if she’s closer to Haven than ever, but in order for her to move on she must reveal the truth of their relationship and of herself to everyone who still clings to a ghost of a girl.

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